104-year old offered nursery place

A Swedish woman of 104 received an unexpected letter in the post recently - inviting her to apply to nursery school.

The letter, from Halmstad municipality, was addressed to ‘Lisa Heurén’s guardian’, and stated that all children born in 2001 and 2002 had the right to start public nursery schools in the autumn.

But Lisa Heurén, who lives in a serviced apartment in Halmstad, was born not in 2002, but 1902.

“I have admittedly forgotten most of what I learnt in school, so it could be useful,” she joked to a reporter from Hallandsposten. But, she added indignantly, “I can read and write.”

Heurén, who was once an exercise instructor in the town said that sport was her favourite subject, so she would doubtless be best in the class. Indeed the centenarian still takes a daily walk round the town, and carries her bags back from the grocery store.

A spokeswoman for Halmstad municipality said that the error was probably caused by computer system reading 1902 as 2002.