Ikea asks Swedes to ‘come into the closet’

Next week the the magazine that all Swedes are waiting for will be stuffed into mailboxes from the far north of Lapland to the southern Skånsk beaches.

Some 3.5 million copies of the 2007 Ikea bible are being sent out .

After luring so many to redo bathrooms and kitchens, Ikea is set to dominate the wardrobe market, asking the public to “come into the closet”.

On Thursday, Ikea presented it new catalogue.

“The past years push on bedrooms and kitchens has gone really well,” said Jeanette Söderberg, head of Ikea Sweden. “Both the paper Vi I Villa and we have done investigations that show many want to put more time in their storage, especially younger people.”

Ikea is planning on lowering prices 5 percent and some 30 percent on wardrobes.