Eight years for serial child rapes

A 47-year old man has been sentenced to eight years in jail for repeatedly sexually abusing children over a period of more than a decade.

The man’s attacks started in the early nineties, and continued until his arrest earlier this year. In total, six children have been victims of the man – three girls, who were aged between 5 and 7 at the time they were attacked, and three boys between 9 and 12.

The attacks took place in different locations in Helsingborg. He preyed on the children both in his home and in their own homes. A 5-year old girl was raped in 1994. He first tried to tempt her away, and when she refused he carried her a few hundred metres. There, he forced himself on the girl by holding his hand over her mouth and pushing her against a table.

A 7-year old girl was assaulted by the man on several occasions, both at her home and at the town’s Kallbadhuset swimming pool. The man was in a group there with the girl’s family.

The man has been convicted of child rape, sexual relations with children, sexual assault, sexual assault on children and sexual molestation. The man was charged with eight counts of sexual assault on children, but the Helsingborg district court found that evidence was not sufficient to convict him on one of the counts.

The man admitted only some of the sexual molestation charges, but the court ruled that he had been linked to the crimes thanks to DNA evidence and the children’s own testimony.

It was only when the man was arrested earlier this year on suspicion of attacking a young girl that DNA tests linked him to the old unresolved cases.

The man has also been convicted for child pornography offences. Police found 6,200 child porn images and 40 films on CD-roms and videos.

The man has been ordered to pay a total of 317,000 kronor in damages to his victims.