Heat leads to postponed operations

Urgent operations were postponed at a hospital in southern Sweden after the humid weather made floors in the operating theatre slippery.

Blekinge hospital in Karlskrona said that soaring temperatures and humidity of over 80 percent had left the hospital’s ventilation systems unable to cope on Monday.

The hospital’s chief anaesthetist, Christer Nilsson, said that the bad air would have made it hard for the medics to concentrate during the operation. Condensation had made the floor slippery, causing a safety risk.

“Technicians came and fixed the system, so that it dried up within a few hours,” he told the Sydöstran newspaper.

The hospital said that during the summer the only operations scheduled were urgent procedures. But Nilsson insisted that patients were never in any danger and that in the event of an emergency another room in the hospital could have been found.

All the postponed operations were carried out later in the day, the hospital said.