Swedes stranded after Bucharest landing

A Swedish plane has made an emergency landing in Romania, leaving 70 Swedish tourists stuck in Bucharest.

The plane, operated by Fly Me, was on a charter flight from Gothenburg to the Greek island of Rhodes. It made the emergency landing on Saturday night after an indicator light flashed up showing low oil pressure.

“The emergency landing was undramatic, and did not result in any injuries to the passengers or damage to the plane,” said Fredrik Skanselid, Fly Me’s managing director.

The plane was not able to fly on to Rhodes, and passengers were still waiting on Sunday afternoon for a replacement plane.

“We only have five planes in our fleet, and therefore have no reserve plane to send down. We are working to try and borrow a plane from another airline, but it’s high season and there’s not much available,” he said.

If a plane cannot be chartered from another airline, Fly Me says it will send one of its own planes down when scheduled services end on Sunday night.

Skanskelid said that the Swedes in Bucharest will be picked up first, and the plane will then continue down to Rhodes. It will then return to Sweden with passengers currently waiting to make their return journey.