A can of beer just got 10 öre cheaper

Sweden's state alcohol monopoly, Systembolaget, is to cut prices on all its goods, after the company made bigger profits that allowed by the government. But consumers are unlikely to notice the difference.

Prices on drinks at the chain will be reduced by an average 1.6 percent. The government limits the profits that the company is allowed to make.

In a statement on Monday, Systembolaget wrote that the price of small bottles would be reduced by more than the average, and the price of bag-in-box wines would be reduced by less.

The price reductions, which come into effect on Tuesday, are hardly likely to remove the incentive to take a booze cruise to Denmark.

A bottle of wine that previously cost 60 kronor will become 1 krona cheaper, while a 9.90 kronor can of beer will now be a whole 10 öre cheaper.