Haga Man appeals

Haga Man rapist Niklas Lindgren is appealing his conviction for attempted murder, his lawyer said on Monday.

Lindgren, sentenced to 14 years in jail for a string of rapes in Umeå, admitted many of the sex attacks in his trial at Umeå District Court in June, but denied all along two counts of attempted murder.

“My client is not guilty of attempted murder, that’s why we’re appealing the district court’s decision,” his lawyer, Leif Silbersky said.

“My client has maintained that he did not intend to kill these girls, but regardless of what the appeal court decides in these two cases, I am going ask for a reduced sentence. Fourteen years is much too long a sentence,” Silbersky said to news agency TT.

Lindgren’s lawyer today posted the appeal documents, which are expected to arrive at Umeå district court.

Lindgren was convicted of seven offences at Umeå district court, five of which he had already confessed to. He pleaded not guilty, however, to the charges of attempted murder, but was found guilty anyway.

In the first case he raped and assaulted a 22-year old woman, leaving her unconscious in the snow. The district court wrote in its judgment that he must have realized that she could freeze to death. If a security guard had not happened to find her, she would have died, the court said.

In the second case he raped and assaulted a 51-year old woman. The court was told that Lindgren had told her at several points during the attack that he was going to kill her. The district court ruled therefore that he intended initially to rape her, and then changed his mind and decided to kill her. He was stopped from doing so after a passer-by scared him off.

The district court also found Lindgren not guilty of murdering a 15-year old girl. Prosecutor Annika Öster is also expected to appeal.

“We have still not come to a position on certain elements of the judgment. I expect to have finished that part of the work at the end of this week or the beginning of next week,” she said.

The deadline for appeals to be lodged at Umeå District Court is August 9th.