Pregnant woman’s body found in lake

The body of a pregnant woman was found wrapped in a tarpaulin floating in Lake Mälaren, near Ekerö, on Sunday.

Police said on Wednesday the body was removed from the water and sent for a post-mortem examination.

“We can’t tell her age because the body was too decomposed,” said Diana Sundin, police spokeswoman. “The woman was about seven or eight months pregnant, had a foreign look, and had braided hair extensions.

“The body has been in the water for several months, maybe since last year,” she told The Local, adding that because of the decomposition identification has not been successful. “It depends on the temperature of the water, currents, and how deep the body was.”

Sundin said police are considering the case a murder investigation, but would not comment on any known cause of death. Police will try to match dental records with the body, and will begin to contact hospitals in an attempt to track down the woman’s name.

She said no more information would be given for the time being. Sundin said police don’t want to scare away the murderer.

She said the public could call 08 401 3333 with any tips on the case.