Farmer forced to kill 22,000 ducks

A poultry farmer in Arlöv, in southern Sweden, was forced to kill 22,500 ducks after the Swedish Board of Agriculture found salmonella at his farm.

Jan Bang was told on Wednesday of the Board’s decision.

“Of course it feels terrible,” the Skåne farmer told Dagens Nyheter. “Especially since I did everything in my power to prevent this type of thing from happening.”

Bang said he hopes to be finished with the killing of the ducks as soon as possible.

“Then the entire area has to be sanitized,” Bang said.

After the cleaning takes place, the facility has to be left alone for some time before new tests can be taken and new production can begin.

Bang said he isn’t sure when he can get the farm running again.

“It could be up to a half year,” he said. “The positive thing is that we don’t have to kill the breeding stock since they are not enclosed. If we had to do that, it could have taken up to two years before production could again begin.”