Bomb thrown at Skåne house

A bomb exploded just before midnight on Wednesday outside a house in Åstorp, Skåne. On Thursday morning police had not identified a suspect.

“It appears that someone threw some kind of explosive device over a hedge towards the house,” said Charley Nilsson at Helsingborg police.

The bomb exploded outside the house’s living room window, damaging the outer wall and shattering the window. Splinters of glass came into the house, but none of the three people living in the house was injured.

According to police the people in the house were all adults and members of the same family. Their neighbours also reported damage to their house following the explosion.

Police forensic experts were at the scene on Thursday morning, and Nilsson refused to speculate what kind of bomb it was or why the family’s house had been attacked:

“It’s too early to say what the background to the explosion was.”

Police are to continue questioning the house’s inhabitants during the morning.