Cholera infects Blekinge swimmer

Three cases of cholera have been reported in Blekinge, on Sweden’s south coast, in the space of just a few days. The latest person to fall ill was a 50-year-old woman who was infected after swimming in the ocean near Saltö.

According to Carl-Johan Fraenkel, a doctor specializing in infections, the woman smashed her toe nail and the bacteria entered through the wound. She received antibiotics and is expected to recover.

Cholera-infected water exists in other areas around Sweden – not just in the sea, but in lakes too.

The Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control is recommending those with open sores not to go swimming.

Researchers at Uppsala University have found cholera-related bacteria along the entire Swedish coast, and even in some drinking water such as in Erken and Ekoln in Uppland, reported SVT.

The amounts of bacteria are low, but with the warm summer the risks can increase.