Transsexual hen upsets Henry VIII

A hen in southern Sweden that has grown a rooster comb, tail and wattle and begun to crow is wreaking havoc in its henhouse, where the rooster, Henry VIII, is hopping mad, it was reported on Friday.

“Henry VIII is bloody angry. The other hens are mostly just surprised but they seem to increasingly accept him or her,” the owner of the henhouse, Christel Hammar-Malmgren, told the online edition of regional daily Blekinge Läns Tidning.

Hammar-Malmgren woke up one morning in July to the sound of two roosters crowing, instead of just one. To her surprise, she discovered that one of the black hens, Anne Boleyn – all of the hens are named after Henry VIII’s wives – had undergone a transformation.

“She had lost most of her hen feathers and had begun growing a comb and tail,” she said.

The transsexual hen joined the henhouse last year and was different from the start. She was uninterested in the usual hen chores and laid bad eggs, Hammar-Malmgren said.

She insisted however that despite the change, and unlike the hen’s namesake, there were no plans to end Anne Boleyn’s days prematurely.