Large wind farm for Halland

The Laholm municipality in southwest Sweden is set to build a wind farm with 100 turbines, but this time the project will be built inland instead of in coastal waters.

The wind park will consist of 100 turbines that will each produce some 3 megawatts of power.

“We have realized that in Laholm the wind blows more at 100 meters height inland that what it does out at sea,” said Erling Cronqvist, municipality spokesman, according to Hallands Nyheter.

“It is also hard to find places out on the water. We won’t have a wind farm closer than 500 meters from any residential housing, in an area sparsely populated where people won’t be bothered,” he said.

The application process is already under way and it is likely to be approved. Also, several manufactures are already lining up to bid on the project, which is expected to cost close to 3 billion kronor and be fully functional within four years.

“It is an enormous investment, but when it is made the wind is of course free,” said Ulf Conré, head of Arise wind power, a company involved with the project. “With current electricity prices we consider this a wise investment. Otherwise we would not have put up the money.”