Woman killed in nursery car park

A 45-year old woman was killed in a knife attack in a parking lot outside a nursery school in Halmstad on Wednesday afternoon.

The woman’s former partner has been detained on suspicion of murder or manslaughter. The alleged attacker was seen leaving the scene in a dark BMW. Shortly afterwards the car was seen driving at high speed northbound up the E6 motorway.

Police arrested the 47-year old man just north of Falkenberg, 40 kilometres from the scene, around half an hour after the attack. The arrest was undramatic, officers said.

The alarm was raised at 5:20 pm in the Andersberg residential area.

Witnesses said that the attacker and victim were sitting in the parked car when the woman either fell out our tried to drag herself out of the car door. She fell straight to the ground.

“The witnesses believe that this might have been preceded by some kind of struggle inside the car,” said Inspector Lars Hamrén of Halmstad police.

“She was quite possible already dead when she fell to the ground,” he added.

The man was detained on Wednesday evening, suspected of murder or manslaughter.

Several witnesses were questioned on Wednesday evening.

“At this point we can’t make public the information from witnesses, nor can we say what the man in detention has said or had as a motive for his actions,” Halmén said.

The man and dead woman had previously been in a relationship and have adult children together. The woman lived in Halmstad. Police say they do not have information about where the man lives.