Securitas guard robbed in Södertälje

A Securitas secure cash delivery was robbed by two armed men on Thursday afternoon in Södertälje, south of Stockholm, in the same spot that a similar attack took place in March.

The robbers struck at the Ica Maxi superstore just after 2 am. They crashed the car into the wall of the store, causing the car to catch light. They then turned on a guard from Securitas who was transporting cash to the store.

The men threatened him with an automatic weapon and took the cash bag that he was carrying, before escaping in another car. No shots were fined and nobody was injured during the attack.

A car that was seen by witnesses during the raid was later found burning on the E20 motorway outside Södertälje.

“We don’t know whether the burning car belongs to the robbers,” police spokesman Björn Engström said.

Stefan Wikman, spokesman for Securitas, said the guard was not physically injured in the attack.

A major police operation to find the assailants was launched on Thursday afternoon. A police helicopter was called in to help with the search.

Another cash delivery was robbed in the same spot outside Ica Maxi in March, when a guard was threatened with an axe and automatic weapons.