Living woman declared dead by Swedish tax board

The Swedish Board of Taxation may suck the very life force out of anyone who deals with it, but an administrative blunder by tax officials has taken things a step further.

Barely a month ago a woman was awarded 30,000 kronor in damages after being declared dead by the Swedish Social Insurance Administration, despite the fact that she was very much alive.

Now another woman who is also alive and kicking has been declared dead, this time by the Tax Board, Göteborgs-Posten has reported.

Dagny Persson, who lives in a retirement home outside Strömstad, received a letter from the Tax Board that was addressed to her estate following her ‘death’.

It appears that a doctor had recently filed a death certificate for the wrong Dagny.

The Tax Board is now urging Dagny’s son to demand compensation on her behalf so that routines are changed and the mistake can be avoided in future.

Even so, it could take the rest of the autumn before the process is complete and Dagny can be bureaucratically revived.