Miracle fat patch prompts record complaints

A new advertisement being distributed throughout Sweden is raising fat people's hopes that they can lose weight through their feet. Not, however, by running with them.

According to the Swedish Consumer Agency, the miracle comes in bandage form, is to be placed on the skin on the bottom of the foot and is to be worn at night.

It is supposed to “suck out fat like a vacuum sucks up dirt – up to 44 kilograms of fat straight from the body,” according to Doctor Charles Kingston in the advertisement for the company Lipo-Slim Laboratories.

The multi-page ad recommends consumers buy a 499 kronor packet that promises a weight loss of 9-14 kilograms.

“I feel sad for the people who try this,” said Mattias Grundström, a legal expert at the consumer agency to The Local on Friday.

“They must be desperate.”

He said the Swedish Consumer Agency received 10 complaints in the past two days, a record number to come in during such a short period of time.

“The first step is to inform people of their right to return an item within 14 days, and then we will give the company a chance to prove their product’s claims. If they cannot prove them, we will take them to court,” he said.

Another product, a pill called Fatkiller, is also raising eyebrows. The consumer agency reviewed the pill for its lofty claims of effortless weight loss.

Both Lipo-Slim Laboratories and Certin AB (maker of Fatkiller) have foreign addresses with post box numbers in Malmö.

Consumers are told to contact the company and tell them they want a refund. They should send a letter to the company and tell them they have changed their minds, as they are entitled to under Swedish consumer law.

If a bill shows up and you don’t want to pay for the unused item, tell them you have changed your mind, the Swedish Consumer Agency recommends.

“We have to give them a chance, but our preliminary opinion is that this is just a fake product,” said Grundström.