Wifstrand quits as Dagens Nyheter editor

The editor of Dagens Nyheter, Jan Wifstrand, has resigned. No successor has yet been appointed.

“I have done most of the things I promised the management. If I were to enter a new phase it would be at least two years’ work and I am not prepared to do that. I think this is about right,” he said.

Wifstrand made the decision in the spring, but the announcement came from DN on Friday.

He said he was satisfied with his achievements during his three and a half year tenure.

“We have both defended and developed DN’s position. I am also satisfied with the newspaper’s increased profile.”

Wifstrand was previously the editor of Sydsvenska Dagbladet. Now he will start his own business.

“I have a few exciting ideas, including thoughts about a publishing firm. But that’s my commercial secret – it won’t be a newspaper in any case.”