Sweden ‘needs new intelligence organ’

Sweden's intelligence and security agencies need to work more closely together to fight terror, Sweden's Liberal Party has said.

The party’s spokesmen on justice and defence issues have called for a new Department of the Interior to be set up, which would be responsible for the nation’s internal security.

“The Swedish attitude has long been naive,” justice spokesman Johan Pehrson and defence spokesman Allan Widman write in Saturday’s Svenska Dagbladet.

“Despite the fact that Sweden has been more affected by acts of terror and political assassinations than many other countries, the police lack resources, organization and tools,” they argue, adding that the foiled terror plot in London is a signal that the threat has not gone away.

The pair say that Swedish organizations involved in national security need more formal coordination. They point to Denmark and Britain, where integrated terrorism analysis centres have been estabished.

The work of three particular organizations needs to be be coordinated, they say. Säpo, which is responsible for internal security, formally ‘owns’ the terrorist problem at present.

It should work more closely with Must, the Military Intelligence and Security Service, which focuses on foreign intelligence, and FRA, which tracks electronic communication, they argue.

The new national intelligence centre would be the responsibility of the new Interior Department, they say. The department would also take over responsibility for the coastguard, the customs service and the police.