Young Swedes: ban pornography

More than half of first-time Swedish voters want to ban pornography, according to a new survey.

Of a thousand interviewees aged 18 to 21, 55% said they completely or to some extent supported the statement that pornography ought to be totally forbidden in Sweden.

The opinion poll, which was published in Sunday’s Sydsvenskan, shows that views vary greatly between the sexes.

Among women, some 67% said they could support outlawing pornography. Over half of those, 34%, say it should be banned completely.

Men were somewhat less supportive, with only 13% wanting a complete block on pornography in Sweden. Nevertheless, 32% of men said they partly agreed that pornography ought to be banned.

“I’m not surprised that many have a negative attitude towards pornography,” commented Nicklas K√§llebring, opinion analyst at Temo, which carried out the research.

“But it’s very strong to talk of a total ban. From that perspective I’m surprised by the outcome of our poll.”

A majority of men, 54%, said they were opposed to a porn ban. 32% of women agreed.

The opposition to pornography was not distributed along the usual right-left political lines. The greatest support for a ban was among young Greens and Christian Democrats, but none of the political parties is officially demanding that pornography is outlawed in Sweden.