More trust Reinfeldt as PM

More people have confidence in Moderate Party leader Fredrik Reinfeldt as Sweden's next prime minister than have confidence in the current incumbent, Göran Persson.

Of the 1,000 people questioned by Sifo, 47 percent said they had greatest confidence in Reinfeldt, while 39 percent thought Persson was best for the job, according to Dagens Industri.

Respondents were asked: “who do you have greatest confidence in as prime minister following the election?”

The survey was carried out last week, after Persson’s traditional speech in Björkvik and his well-publicised bus tour in the Stockholm region. During the tour he slammed Reinfeldt’s lack of experience.

Social Democrat party secretary Marita Ulvskog said she would have expected a different result.

“It surprises me a bit not least because of Fredrik Reinfedlt’s many recent gaffes – most recently calling Norway an EU country and saying that the donor conference for the rebuilding of Lebanon was a political spectacle,” she said to Dagens Industri.

Moderate Party secretary Sven Otto Littorin said he thought that Persson description of Fredrik Reinfeldt as an inexperienced politician had had an effect on the poll.

“I don’t think that voters find that particularly nice, but it’s classic boorish behaviour, using personal attacks when the political arguments ru out,” he told DI.

The paper reported that the survey was commissioned by Westander PR, a public relations and public affairs agency in Stockholm.