Confidence in government falls

Confidence in the Swedish government has fallen, according to a new survey by polling company Skop. But the poll had little comfort for the opposition Alliance, with the number of people who believe that they would do a better job also falling.

Skop interviewed 1,000 people between 12th July and 8th August. Some 41 percent said that the government was doing a very good job or quite a good job, while 35 percent said it was doing a bad job. That figure was up two percent since the last survey.

Confidence in the government has increased steadily in Skop’s surveys since December, but now the trend appears to have been broken. Skop also noted that confidence in the government is significantly lower than before the last election, in 2002. In July 2002, 61 percent of Swedes said they thought the government was doing a good job.

Despite falling confidence in the government, belief that the Alliance would do better also fell. Some 35 percent believe that an Alliance government would do a better job. The figure is 5 percent lower than in the previous survey. Some 23 percent thought that an Alliance government would do a worse job, down from 25 percent in the last survey.