HIV 15-year old ‘had unsafe sex’

A 15-year-old girl is being prosecuted in central Sweden for allegedly having unprotected vaginal and oral sex with a man while she knew she was HIV-positive.

Magnus Oscarsson, the prosecutor handling the case in Örebro district court, said the girl met “a few times” with the man, who was several years older, at the end of January this year.

“She is being charged with attempted assault,” Oscarsson said. “This is really the first time a minor has been charged in such a case. Normally, a person would go to jail, but if she is convicted, she would likely go to social services and could be sent to a detention centre for minors for a few months.”

Oscarsson said the girl told the man she was infected by sending an instant message to his mobile phone. The man did not contract HIV.

Little information from the case is being shared due to the fact that the girl is a minor.