Passer-by seizes Helsingborg armed robber

A member of the public managed to overpower a man who had just carried out an armed raid on a Svensk Kassaservice outlet in Helsingborg on Friday.

When the robber and his accomplice ran out of the premises – a tobacconist which houses a Kassaservice desk – a 37 year old man took up the chase and managed to bring the thief to the ground.

With the help of another member of the public, the 26 year old criminal was pinned down and held until police arrived.

The second robber managed to escape but police believe they know who he is.

The masked men were armed with what appeared to be pistols, but the one belonging to the man now in custody turned out to be a fake.

Just before noon on Friday the two men went into the shop and raided the two cash counters. It is not yet known how much money the second man got away with.