Missing cat turns up – after 15 years

Eljena Georgsdotter's cat Tyson was just a distant memory, a missing moggy, presumed dead. After all, he had disappeared in 1991 while Eljena was on holiday and a friend was meant to be looking after him.

An intensive search at the time failed to reveal Tyson’s whereabouts and, as the wounds healed, Eljena moved from her home in Lund and had a child.

But in a somewhat delayed twist to the story, Eljena had a call from the animal hospital in Malmö last week.

“I knew at once that it was about Tyson,” Eljena told Sydsvenskan.

“You could say that my previous life came back with him.”

A ragged, deaf and almost completely blind Tyson had shown up near Lund, reported Sydsvenskan. The ID tattoo in Tyson’s ear was almost unreadable but the hospital managed to trace the owner.

Eljena was delighted but admitted to a twinge of guilt as she took charge of her old friend.

“I’m not really the real owner. I only had him for a year and a half,” she said.