Liberals: fight needed on organized crime

The Liberal Party presented on Friday a report on its plans to fight organized crime. The party said money is the lifeblood of crime and that different state agencies need to work together to make an impact.

“The idea that money is the most important driving power behind organized crime has to lead to a new grasp on the fight against such crimes,” said Lars Leijonborg, head of the Liberal Party. “Through “Project Al Capone,” the Liberal Party wants authorities to work together under a national anti-tax evasion commission to battle criminals’ cheating on taxes and welfare.”

The party said the government needs increased power to hunt down criminal activity, and also needs stiffer penalties for those convicted. Leijonborg said a more efficient gun registry is needed to more easily match up a gun to an owner.

The proposal also calls for increased protection of witness testifying against criminals, and a national police force of 20,000.

The Liberal Party proposes 50 million kronor be earmarked for the new project, and 20 million kronor to fight human smuggling.