One in five voters undecided

Sweden's opposition Alliance is leading the left-wing bloc by nearly 7 percentage points in a new poll from Sifo, but one in five people eligible to vote has still not decided which party to vote for.

Uncertainty is greatest among women – one in four women did not know or would not say which party they intended to vote for on 17th September.

The opposition Alliance has increased its lead somewhat since last week’s Sifo poll, but all the movements in the poll are within the margin of error. The four Alliance parties together had the support of 51.6 percent of those questioned, while the Social Democrats, Left Party and Greens together have 44.5 percent, a lead of 7.1 percent for the opposition.

Sifo interviewed 1,239 people between 14th and 17 August, on behalf of Svenska Dagbladet, Göteborgs-Posten and Skånska Dagbladet.

The poll was carried out in a turbulent week for the Alliance, with Moderate leader Fredrik Reinfeldt’s quickly withdrawn idea to reduce mortgage interest tax relief. The incident does not appear to have affected the Moderates’ standing, nor that of the Alliance

The poll will not, however, measure the impact of the Social Democrat manifesto, published yesterday to a mixed reception in the media.

Full results:

(change from previous Sifo poll in brackets)

Left Party 5.9 (+0.3)

Social Democrats 34.1 (-0.5)

Green Party 4.5 (-1.4)

Centre Party 4.9 (-1.7)

Liberal Party 11.1 (+0.8)

Moderate Party 28.6 (+1.9)

Christian Democrats 7.0 (+0.1)

Others 3.9 (+0.4)

Total for left-wing bloc: 44.5 percent

Total for Alliance: 51.6 percent