World’s first seal cookbook launched in Sweden

A cookbook purporting to be the first in the world containing recipes only for dishes made with seal has been launched in Sweden.

“Seal tastes wild and of course it is nutritious,” said author Susanne Jonsson to newspaper Västerbottens Folkblad as she launched the book.

The book is being published in Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian. Twelve chefs have contributed their best seal recipes to the book.

Åke Granström of the Swedish Association for Hunting and Wildlife Management is project leader for the book. He told Expressen that seal meat is rarely found in shops, and that most people get hold of it through contacts. He said he understands that some people are opposed to the idea of eating seal.

“There was a time when there were very few seals, but what people don’t know is that seal numbers are increasing very rapidly at the moment. We couldn’t have published this book in the mid-80s, but a protective cull of the animals is now underway, so it’s obvious that we should make use of the meat. It’s good, so we might as well eat it.”