Leijonborg: no more religious schools

With less than a month to go before the election, the leader of the Liberal Party, Lars Leijonborg, has repeated his demand that no new independent religious schools be opened in Sweden.

Speaking in an interview in Sydsvenskan, Leijonborg said that he sees Islamic fundamentalism as a growing problem in the country and that he therefore wants to stop the establishment of further independent religious schools.

“If it were up to me to decide, we would introduce a moratorium on religious schools, at least until we had guarantees that all lessons were free of religious content,” he told the paper.

Leijonborg said to Sydsvenskan that during the last year he “had become aware” that Islamic fundamentalism is a growing problem.

“We have independent schools which get money from Saudi Arabia. And then we had a Muslim leader who wrote a letter demanding Sharia law in Sweden,” he said.

The Liberal leader said that it is important not to give in to such demands and that he believes independent schools should not be allowed to accept money from Saudi Arabia.

However, the demand has been given a weak reception among the other three parties in the opposition Alliance. According to Leijonborg that is primarily due to opposition from the Christian Democrats.