Hard porn during Swedish news show

Public broadcaster SVT has said it plans on investing more on drama programs to lure in the younger audience, but the station’s news program last night has left some sceptical.

Last night, as responsible late night TV viewers in Sweden were watching an informative presentation of the latest political poll numbers on the country’s public service SVT station, hard core group sex could be seen playing on one of the numerous video screens over the presenter’s shoulder.

“I am shocked and upset,” said Magnus Åkerlund, a boss at SVT. “It is crazy.”

Everything was going as planned on the midnight news broadcast, until the Czech hard porn film “Sex Tails,” came on the pay channel Canal Plus on the screen in the back. Those trying to catch the latest poll figures got to see group anal and oral sex.

Per Yng, a boss of the news program, was incensed over the incident.

“I found out that sort of crap happened when I called the editorial staff,” Yng said, according to Expressen. “This is unbelievable. If you decide to watch Rapport (the news) you shouldn’t have to watch some stupid hard core porn film. This will never happen again.”

Yng said the night personnel had been watching the channel earlier in the night and forgot to switch stations.

“It is incredible that nobody working noticed this,” said Åkerlund.

When asked if SVT saw this as a funny goof, Åkerlund said, “No, this is serious.”