Sweden manager’s home vandalised

A group of Swedish football fans have expressed their anger at the continued employment of national team coach Lars Lagerbäck by nailing a sheet with the words 'Lagerbäck resign!' to his house.

The incident occurred at the Lagerbäck residence in Sollentuna in the small hours of Monday morning and police have classified the matter as harassment.

Monday’s Expressen newspaper described how “the hooligans threw stones and flowerpots at Lagerbäck’s house” while shouting threateningly and abusively.

However, according to Lars Lagerbäck himself, the protest was not as violent as Expressen made out.

“We were at home during the night and didn’t notice a threatening atmosphere around the house,” he said in a press statement.

“No windows were broken and no stones were thrown. If they had been, we and our neighbours would obviously have noticed. I did not see anything which was described in the newspaper.”

The manager has faced calls for his resignation since Sweden’s poor showing in the World Cup and his position was not strengthened by a limp 3-0 friendly defeat against Germany last week.

Police said that they would look into the incident but that it was not their highest priority.

“We have more serious crimes which happened over the weekend. We don’t get going with the blue light when someone reports a sheet nailed to a wall,” said spokesman Lars Åkerlund to TT.

But the Swedish Football Association is taking the matter more seriously, and even hinted at something more shady than a few disgruntled supporters.

“We’ll get to the bottom of this. Certain details surprise us, and the fact that the paper reported this to the police shows that they were very familiar with the matter,” wrote the Association’s general secretary Sune Hellströmer.