FSB announces new image

FöreningsSparbanken, one of the largest banks in Sweden, has unveiled a new logo as part of its move to change its name to Swedbank.

The company announced the name change earlier this year. In a statement on Monday it said the legal change would take place on 8th September.

“During the autumn we will start the re-profiling of our offices and gradually introduce a number of new services and products,” the company’s CEO Jan Lidén said.

FöreningsSparbanken is one of the largest banks in Sweden, with 16,000 employees in Sweden and abroad. The company has used the Swedbank name abroad for several years.

The bank was formed in 1997 by the merger of Sparbanken and Föreningsbanken. Sparbanken was previously an association of independent local banks. Those that did not join the new group after the merger remained independent but cooperate with FSB.