New skyscraper set to grace ‘Malmhattan’

Malmö, already home to Sweden's tallest skyscraper, looks set to become Sweden's high-rise capital, after plans for a 180-metre tower were unveiled this week.

The plans are part of a project to create a “district of the future” in the Hyllie area of the city. A competition to design the new district was set up by Malmö City Council.

The winning design came from a Danish architectural team. It incorporates a shopping centre, an arena, a station and apartment blocks.

“The winning proposal has great architectural qualities with an expression that feels right for Öresund region. Its form means that the buildings have the prerequisites to become an interesting element in the total Hyllie townscape.”

At the heart of the proposal is the 180-metre tower, just 10 metres shorter than the city’s famous Turning Torso, Sweden’s tallest building. Lone Viggers, responsible architect at winning firm CF Möller, said the tower will have white, reflective glass surfaces that “interact with the Nordic light and project one visual identity in daylight and another at night.”

“At the same time we want to use the architecture to create a human-scale feel.”

The tower itself is expected to house apartments, although spokespeople for the architects said some kind of public access might also be available to the upper levels.

Christer Larsson, planning director for Malmö City Council, indicated that the plans were likely to be reworked somewhat before building gets underway.

“The proposal can be worked on without losing its basic qualities.”

Names and details will be finalised in autumn 2006, with construction starting in summer 2008.