Left has small lead in poll

The Social Democrats and their left-wing allies are leading in a new opinion poll, in contrast to all other recent polls, which have given the opposition Alliance a lead.

The left bloc has a lead of 1.7 percentage points in the Ruab poll for Dagens Industri, which was published on Thursday.

The Social Democrats record the biggest rise since Ruab’s last poll from 15th June, with their support rising by 3.2 points. This gives the party the support of 40.4 percent. The left-wing bloc overall has 49.6 percent support in the poll, despite the fact that support for both the Green and Left parties has fallen.

The opposition Alliance had the support of 47.9 percent of those who responded to the poll, with support for the Moderates falling 1.3 percent compared with the previous poll.

The poll was carried out between the 12th and 22nd August, a period that was dominated by Moderate leader Fredrik Reinfeldt’s talk of reducing mortgage interest tax relief – a suggestion he quickly withdrew. The Social Democrats presented their election manifesto during the period.

Of the 2,110 people who answered the question “Which party would you have voted for if there had been a general election today,” 1,272 people named a party, while 690 were uncertain, 80 said they would not vote and 68 said they would spoil their ballots.

In contrast to other polling organizations, Ruab does not take into account in its polls how people voted in the last election. All of the changes in the poll were within the margin of error.

Full poll results

Social Democrats (S) 40.4 (+3.2)

Left Party (V) 4.6 (-0.9)

Green Party (MP) 4.6 (-1.7)

Moderate Party (M) 29.1 (-1.3)

Liberal Party (FP) 8.7 (+0.3)

Centre Party (C) 5.1 (+0.1)

Chr. Democrats (KD) 5.0 (+0.3)