Fifty years since Vasa discovery

Some 378 years after its sinking, the royal warship Vasa has proven a staple of Stockholm tourism. On Thursday, the museum celebrated the 50th anniversary of the ship’s discovery. Last week the museum had its 25 millionth visitor come through its doors.

The Vasa museum is celebrating now by showing the one centimeter-wide hole that was made to sample the strange object found sunken in the mud in the waters between Beckholmen and Södermalm decades ago.

“It took three weeks before it got attention from somebody,” said museum boss Klas Helmerson, talking about the discovery in the 50s. “Then it was just a notice in [newspaper] Expressen about a man who thought he had found a ship called Vasa.”

It was the wooden plug that verified that is was in fact Gustaf II Adolf’s prized possession that had been found.

Photo on homepage: Richard Ryan/ Copyright: Stockholm Visitors’ Board/