Christian Democrat ‘tried to infiltrate SSU’

A Christian Democrat parliamentary candidate attempted to infiltrate Social Democrat youth movement SSU. The woman's identity was revealed when phone calls were traced. She has now been sacked from her job at the Christian Democrat youth movement.

“This is completely unacceptable. This is no way to campaign in an election,” said Christian Democrat leader Göran Hägglund to Expressen, which uncovered the incident.

The woman, who is in her early twenties, was fired by Christian Democrat youth movement with immediate effect. She remains on the party’s list of candidates, “but somewhere quite far down, between places 10 and 20,” according to Christian Democrat party secretary Urban Svensson.

The paper said the candidate called SSU official Sabina Bernsköld last Thursday.

“The person claimed to be an SSU member and wanted to work in our election organization,” said Bernsköld.

SSU traced the number, which they discovered belonged to the Christian Democrats.

According to Expressen, the Christian Democrat in question confirmed that the conversation had taken place.

“It wasn’t a nice thing to do. But we have to use the same methods as our opponents,” he said to Expressen.

Social Democrat party secretary Marita Ulvskog claimed she was upset.

“If this is true, then it’s awful. These are campaigning methods that I didn’t thing would be seen in Sweden,” she told news agency TT.

Ulvskog said she didn’t know more about the incident than what had been written in Expressen, but demanded that the Christian Democrats provide a full account of the incident.

“What makes me particularly upset is that this party presents itself as some kind of yardstick, against which the morality and ethics of all other parties and all other people in the country can be measured.”

She said this image was now sounding hollow, and the party’s “hypocrisy has been given a face, if this turns out to be true.”

She also said she wanted the Christian Democrats to come clean over any further incidents of infiltration.

“I want to know, and it’s their duty to lay their cards on the table.”

The party secretary also asked whether the incident was the work of what she called the “mud-slinging group”, referring to the Christian Democrat-led group that is investigating the Social Democrats.

The incident finds the Social Democrats with the shoe on the other foot. Earlier this year the governing party itself was accused of dirty campaigning when a key aide to prime minister Göran Persson was found to have used a false identity to send libellous emails about Moderate leader Fredrik Reinfeldt to political journalists.