Luleå police seize gun man

Police cordoned off part of Malmberget, in the municipality of Gällivare, on Friday afternoon after an armed man holed himself up in an apartment in the area. Police warned the public to avoid the area, fearing he could be dangerous.

After an hour and a half of negotiation on Friday evening, the 35 year old man gave himself up.

“He came out of the property. The arrest was calm,” said police spokesman Erik Kummu, to TT.

The man was taken to the police station in Gällivare for questioning.

A doctor who visited the man regarding a health certificate earlier in the day was met by the barrel of a rifle at the door. The doctor backed out of the building and called the police at about 2pm.

The local police requested assistance from a special unit in Luleå and five officers plus a negotiator joined the operation.

According to Erik Kummu, the man did not behave in a threatening manner towards police officers.

But from accounts from two other doctors, who were also threatened when visiting the man at his home, police believed that he could be dangerous.