Politician stopped for police booze bribe

A Christian Democrat in Stockholm county has been sidelined after reportedly trying to bribe a police officer with a bottle of red wine.

The Sigtuna politician was stopped after not stopping at a red light a few weeks before Christmas last year at a crossing in Märsta.

“Merry Christmas – can’t we try to forget about all of this,” the politician said reaching out a bottle of red to the traffic officer, reported Aftonbladet.

Police decided to report the man for the bribe. He was convicted of bribery last spring, but did not tell his party.

Christian Democrats in Sigtuna have now agreed to give the man a timeout.

“It was something he also wanted,” said Nanda Holm, head of Christian Democrats in Sigtuna, according to Metro.

The politician, who has not been named, has denied the crime the entire time. But Sollentuna district council doesn’t think it is likely the policeman could have made up the whole story.

The politician was earmarked as a top candidate for his party during next month’s election. It is too late to recall him.