Man arrested after barbecue rampage

A cosy birthday barbecue in a small village in central Sweden turned into a nightmare on Saturday night when the group of friends had a visit from a neighbour - with an appetite for destruction, rather than grilled reindeer steaks.

Inga-Mai Björkman, her partner, and his brother were having a relaxing BBQ dinner in their summer house near Mora when the guest from hell arrived.

The neighbour drank and drank until he was asked to leave the party.

They thought the 46-year-old guest had given up and gone home.

“I asked him nicely to go home,” said one of the guests. “Instead he sat on his four-wheeled motor bike and drove over the lawn furniture and a house camper. My partner and the house owner were forced to run for their lives around the garden.”

This time they really thought the man had given up.

“It was just luck that I saw him on his tractor and was able to yell for everybody to run out (of the cabin),” said a guest, according to Aftonbladet.

“They were just able to make it out; otherwise several of them would have been crushed. The wooden beams flew through the room.”

After the man hit the cabin with his tractor once, he backed up and gassed it for another go.

The man was arrested by police later that night and his being held for assault and drunkenness. He could even be tried for attempted manslaughter.