Stockholmers ‘in favour of congestion charge’

A majority of Stockholmers plan to vote in favour of reinstating congestion charges, in a referendum to be held on September 17th, election day.

Most Stockholmers were initially hostile to the tax, which was implemented for a trial period during the first half of 2006. The new poll, compiled by Synovate Temo for Dagens Nyheter, shows that 51 percent of would vote for congestion charging if the referendum were held today, while only 40 percent would vote against.

Stockholmers may not have the final say over congestion charging, however. The referendum is only advisory, and the Swedish parliament will have the final say.

The Alliance parties have already said that if they win the election they will take into account the results of votes in municipalities in Stockholm’s commuter belt, before deciding whether to implement congestion charging. Hostility to congestion charging is expected to be stronger outside central Stockholm.

Synovate Temo interviewed 1,000 residents of the City of Stockholm between 16th and 27th August.