Persson slammed over jobs by colleague

Internal divisions within the Social Democrats have surfaced over the party's attitude towards unemployment. The most senior Social Democrat in Gothenburg, Göran Johansson, has criticized his own party leadership for sweeping the job question under the carpet.

With the Social Democrats frequently making the most of divisions in the opposition Alliance, Johansson’s intervention is a reminder that the governing party also has its problems.

Johansson, who is chairman of Gothenburg Council, criticized the government for talking more about growth statistics than about unemployment.

“I personally do not make a single election speech without talking about jobs,” he told Göteborgs-Posten.

“I don’t understand the tactics the party leadership have had in planning their election campaign,” he said.

Johansson has criticized the government before, focusing particular criticism on defence cuts. He is due to retire after the election if the Social Democrats lose in Gothenburg, and has said that he would also quit a couple of years after an election victory.