Alliance leads in new poll

The opposition Alliance is still leading the Social Democrats in the race to form Sweden's next government, according to a poll published on Wednesday.

The survey by Synovate Temo for Dagens Nyheter shows that the Alliance was supported by 49.9 percent of those questioned, while 46.4 percent said they favoured the left-wing parties. The Alliance’s lead of 3.5 percent is within the margin of error.

Only the Left and Green parties have shown statistically significant increases in support since Synovate Temo’s previous poll, published on 22 August. The fall in the Social Democrats’ support was also statistically significant.

Some 1,771 people were interviewed by the pollsters between 22nd and 28th August. Sweden goes to the polls on September 17th.

The poll in figures

Social Democrats 34.7 (-1.7)

Moderates 26.9 (+0.7)

Liberal Party 11.0 (-0.4)

Christian Democrats 6.3 (-0.4)

Green Party 5.9 (+0.7)

Left Party 5.8 (+1.0)

Centre Party 5.7 (+0.2)