Ikea denies doctoring dog’s “Swedish sausage”

A photo in the new Ikea catalogue has become a global laugh. In one picture, a family is relaxing, but a dog in the picture appears to have a man-sized penis.

The photo has created a buzz on the Internet, with some speculating that the photo was doctored by somebody at the Swedish furniture giant.

An Ikea spokeswoman denied that the photo was doctored.

“The catalogue is one of the most important marketing tools we have,” said Eva Stål, spokeswoman for Ikea Sweden.

“We take the catalogue very seriously. It really is just a dog with its leg on the couch — nothing else.”

Some 175 million copies of the Ikea catalogue have been distributed globally — all with the same photo.

Ikea is hoping people forget about the picture and enjoy the other 300-some pages of products.

The photo has been talked about on the Internet. A Google search with the terms “Ikea, dog and penis” produces 230,000 hits and the dog’s alleged member has been dubbed “the Swedish sausage.”