Alliance agrees on family platform

The four parties of the Alliance have announced a raft of joint policies intended to help families with young children.

Presenting their proposals at a meeting in Sundbyberg, near Stockholm, the Alliance leaders said that the lowest paid parent — usually the mother — will pay less tax if the person who earns more takes parental leave. The reduction is said to be about 3,000 kronor. The total cost is estimated to be about 1.2 billion kronor for the country.

There should be support for those parents who choose to stay home a bit longer with their child, but not enough to live on. It is possible 3,000 per month to families until the child is three years old.

The two months of parental leave currently set aside for the father would remain under an Alliance government, the party leaders said.

The Alliance also proposed that the cap on fees for preschool education should remain the same as at present. The parties said they would reduce the maximum fee for after-school care centres by the same amount as proposed by the Social Democrats.

The parties also want local municipalities to give a childcare allowance to parents, which could be used to buy care in the local area or further afield. It could also be used by people who want to club together with other parents to take car of their own children.

The four Alliance leaders left Liberal Party head Lars Leijonborgs Stockholm flat late on Tuesday after hammering out the agreement.

It was exactly two years ago on Wednesday that the Moderate Party, Centre Party, Liberal Party and Christian Democrats announced that they would fight the election on a common platform. During Wednesday’s lunch celebrating the union, the four will present a joint policy.

The total for this is about 2.6 billion, similar to what Social Democrats invest on similar areas.