Poll: Billström set for ejection

Stockholm mayor Annika Billström is set to be ejected from office by voters, if the results of a new poll are mirrored in local elections on September 17th.

A new poll shows that the opposition conservative parties have a lead of 11.5 percent over Billström’s ruling Social Democrats and their colleagues in the Left and Green parties.

The results are little changed since a similar poll in March, although the poll shows that the Social Democrats’ support has collapsed since the last election.

The poll, conducted by Synovate Temo for Dagens Nyheter, suggests 41.9 percent of voters intend to vote for the left-wing bloc. The opposition Alliance, represented by the Moderates, Liberals and the Christian Democrats, has 53.4 percent support.

The Centre Party is currently not represented in the City Hall. The party, which has traditionally been strongest in rural areas, currently has 2.3 percent of the vote, while 3 percent would be needed to elect a councillor.

Billström’s tenure of City Hall has been marked by controversy, not least due to the fact that she presided over the introduction of congestion charging, something she had promised not to do in the 2002 election campaign.

After she was forced by central government to implement the charge she became an enthusiastic supporter. Local Moderate leader, Kristina Axén Olin, was a prominent member of her party’s last administration in Stockholm, between 1998 and 2002.