Persson ‘threatened’ in letter

A woman threatened Göran Persson’s life in a letter sent to Social Democratic headquarters in Kalmar on Tuesday, a day before the Swedish prime minister was to give a public speech.

Local police and the Swedish Security Service (Säpo) said the threat level was minimal due to the mental health of the letter’s author.

“The Social Democrats contacted us, and when we read the letter we understood that the letter was written by a person with obviously psychologically sick,” said Jan-Erik Pettersson, police spokesman in Kalmar, according to Aftonbladet. “No, this is really about a tragic person in our society, a person who needs care.”

The Security Police were contacted according to procedure, but the letter was still regarded as minimal threat.

“Now during the election the security is beefed up, and the local police cooperate the entire time with Säpo, regardless of which politician is in town,” said Pettersson. “We did a report when the letter came in, but we will are going to lay low with an investigation since the woman isn’t psychologically healthy. The most important thing is that she gets the help she needs.”