Schyman enlists Fonda in campaign

Sweden's feminist party, the Feminist Initiative, has enlisted the help of actress and activist Jane Fonda and Vagina Monologues writer Eve Ensler, as it tries to get elected to the Riksdag in elections in September.

The two American feminists will come to Stockholm on September 15th and 16th, immediately before election day on 17th September, and will appear at public meetings in support of the party.

Gudrun Schyman, spokeswoman for the Feminist Initiative, said the two women had volunteered to help. She said she believed that the high recognition factor would help the party.

“They’re internationally famous feminists – everyone knows who they are,” she told The Local

“We’ve got lots of women from other countries coming to support us in the election.”

Schyman met Fonda earlier this year, when the actress came to Stockholm to promote her autobiography.

“The feminist movement is very international. The questions we are raising about women’s issues are being discussed all over the world.”

This is the first election to be fought by the Feminist Initiative, which was founded by former Left Party leader Schyman and a number of associates. To get elected to the Riksdag, Schyman’s party will need at least four percent of the national vote. Most polls appear to indicate that the party has not yet reached this level.