Man on trial for stepdaughter killing

A man accused of killing his 12-year old stepdaughter in order to have sex with her 13-year old best friend went on trial in Handen, near Stockholm, on Thursday.

The 27-year old man sat motionless in court and stared at the desk in front of him. His lawyer said that he could neither confess to or deny the crime because he could not remember what happened.

Chief prosecutor Stefan Bergman asserted that he had deliberately killed his stepdaughter because she stood in the way of his plans to sleep with the 13-year old.

“The killing was intentional, down to the last detail,” he said.

“The 25 to 31 stab wounds are aimed at the area around this child’s heart, while she tries to protect herself with her aims. The stepdaughter falls straight down and bleeds to death,” Bergman told the court.

Earlier during the day the man had given signals that he was interested in the 13-year old.

“He had gone to great pains to be nice, he had tried to bring these girls into the adult world by offering them cigarettes, beer and spirits.”

“When his partner called home from the hospital where she was staying, he disconnected all the phones to get the girls for himself – particularly the 13-year old.”

His partner later called her daughter’s mobile and told the girls to go to bed. The man then told his stepdaughter to go into the bedroom where his 6-year old son was sleeping. According to the surviving girl, he then closed the door behind him. The girl heard her friend screaming from inside the bedroom. He later emerged with bloody clothes and a bloody knife in his hand.

“He told the 13-year old to lie next to him, but she did not obey of her own free will. He threatened her with the knife and had sex with her twice,” Bergman said.

The man then cut the girl with the knife, leaving her with superficial injuries. He told her that he would kill himself the next day, then he fell asleep. The girl fled the flat wearing only shoes and a coat and alerted the police and ambulance.

The prosecutor said the man had personality disorders, and has injected testosterone and drunk alcohol before the attacks.

“But I don’t believe that he doesn’t remember, he should at least have fragments of recollection,” Bergman said.


Swedish opposition proposes ‘rapid tests for ADHD’ to cut gang crime

The Moderate Party in Stockholm has called for children in so called "vulnerable areas" to be given rapid tests for ADHD to increase treatment and cut gang crime.

Swedish opposition proposes 'rapid tests for ADHD' to cut gang crime

In a press release, the party proposed that treating more children in troubled city areas would help prevent gang crime, given that “people with ADHD diagnoses are “significantly over-represented in the country’s jails”. 

The idea is that children in so-called “vulnerable areas”, which in Sweden normally have a high majority of first and second-generation generation immigrants, will be given “simpler, voluntary tests”, which would screen for ADHD, with those suspected of having the neuropsychiatric disorder then put forward for proper evaluations to be given by a child psychiatrist. 

“The quicker you can put in place measures, the better the outcomes,” says Irene Svenonius, the party’s leader in the municipality, of ADHD treatment, claiming that children in Sweden with an immigrant background were less likely to be medicated for ADHD than other children in Sweden. 

In the press release, the party said that there were “significant differences in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD within Stockholm country”, with Swedish-born children receiving diagnosis and treatment to a higher extent, and with ADHD “with the greatest probability” underdiagnosed in vulnerable areas. 

At a press conference, the party’s justice spokesman Johan Forsell, said that identifying children with ADHD in this areas would help fight gang crime. 

“We need to find these children, and that is going to help prevent crime,” he said. 

Sweden’s climate minister Annika Strandhäll accused the Moderates of wanting to “medicate away criminality”. 

Lotta Häyrynen, editor of the trade union-backed comment site Nya Mitten, pointed out that the Moderates’s claim to want to help children with neuropsychiatric diagnoses in vulnerable areas would be more credible if they had not closed down seven child and youth psychiatry units. 

The Moderate Party MP and debater Hanif Bali complained about the opposition from left-wing commentators and politicians.

“My spontaneous guess would have been that the Left would have thought it was enormously unjust that three times so many immigrant children are not getting a diagnosis or treatment compared to pure-Swedish children,” he said. “Their hate for the Right is stronger than their care for the children. 

Swedish vocab: brottsförebyggande – preventative of crime