Robbers raid Gothenburg bank

A bank in central Gothenburg was robbed on Friday morning. The robbers broke into the Nordea branch on Södra Vägen and managed to steal something from the bank, although it is so far unclear what.

A car was later found burning in a parking garage on Karl Gustavsgatan, which police believe to be the getaway car.

Nobody was injured during the robbery, although police said the bank staff were in shock.

The police received the alarm at 9:08 on Friday morning. Ten minutes later the burning car was discovered, less than one kilometre from the bank.

Firefighters were tackling the blaze on Friday morning, and the scene was sealed off. Several people were seen leaving the scene in a car, which police say was the same car later seen burning.

Police are searching for the robbers in the area where the car was found. A police helicopter has been called in to assist in the search.

There is no information about whether the robbers had a gun.