Greens snub eco-cars

Sweden has an international reputation for being environmentally progressive. With two weeks to go before elections, it turns our only a very small percentage of those politicians registered at Parliament actually have an eco-friendly car – and Green Party politicians are most likely to have a polluting old car.

Although ethanol, biogas and hybrids have been big sellers in Sweden the past few years, of the party leaders only Centre leader Maud Olofsson owns one.

Many cars produced in the 80s and before lacked catalytic converters, a small device used to reduce the toxicity of emissions from internal combustion engines. Through a chemical reaction, toxic byproducts from the engine are converted into less harmful emissions.

Even though politicians own so few eco-friendly cars, many have really old, toxin-spewing vehicles.

In the country’s car parks, it is estimated 7 percent of cars lack catalytic converters. Politicians in the Green Party and the Centre Party — both of which claim a strong belief in a health environment — have an exceptionally higher number of dirty cars, reported TT.

Some 22 percent of Green Party cars and 18 percent of Centre Party cars lack catalytic converters.

If the boundary was set at 1994, the year converters became much more efficient, one half of Green Party cars pass wouldn’t pass the test. About 42 percent of Left Party members drive cars made pre-94, and do 38 percent of Centre Party members.